Meet the Team


Colin Hone
The Entrance Church Plant Team Leader and Associate Speaker for Holy Spirit Ministries,

Colin has been travelling around the world doing revival and evangelistic meetings sharing the importance of being baptised daily by the Holy Spirit to reflect Jesus and power to share the gospel.
Colin is married with 5 children and 3 Grandchildren.
He runs a financial planning business and has a passion to see the everlasting gospel of the 3 Angels messages in Revelation 14:6-12 given to the people on the Central Coast NSW.

Ettienne McClintock
Radio Producer at 3ABN Australia

Ettienne is an accomplished travelling speaker who recently spent several weeks preaching the gospel in Africa. He enjoys studying the character of God, sharing the Bible with people and being radio-host for 3ABN Radio Australia. 

Emmanuel Higgins
Small group leader & LE/Bible-worker

Emmanuel's passion is helping people find fulfillment in Christ. He is involved in youth ministry, leading out in small groups, canvassing and Bible studies as part of the church plant. He also enjoys developing software and media and running a home-business in web development & graphic design.

Julie Dearham
Treasurer, LE/Bible-worker

Julie has finished studies in primary teaching and has a love for young people, and leading youth to Christ. She also has a great love for godly music, outreach and literature evangelism and enjoys working with the church plant team. Julie is a talented singer, and has sung in an informal acapella trio with her sisters for many years.

Liesl Higgins

Liesl has graduated with a masters of performance in violin from Sydney Conservatorium and delights in making beautiful music. She also loves door-to-door evangelism, studying the Scriptures and cooking. She loves sharing the joy that she has found in Christ.

Tim Hopkins
Leader & LE/Bible-worker

Tim has a passion for the canvassing work, and enjoys taking books door-to-door. 

Tim studied at Wildwood College of Health Evangelism in the US, and desires to see a similar college, modelled after the blueprint of true education seen in the historic Madison Institute (1904-1963).

Tim spends a lot of his time abroad canvassing, and visiting different churches to inspire them with the LE work and the vision for true education.

Kayla Reay

Kayla enjoys preparing tasty food, going on adventures with the travelling team and sharing beautiful truth-filled books with people on the doors. Kayla recently graduated in health evangelism from Wildwood College in the US.

Bruce Niyibitanga

Bruce has a passion for sharing Christ and Bible truth with folks. He recently left a promising future in engineering to serve in full-time gospel ministry. 

Jylan Wynne

Jylan is a computer tech, graphics, social media and web expert with a love for literature evangelism and soul-winning. He enjoys hiking (ideally large mountains), climbing, Bible study & scripture memorisation, and photographing the team's adventures.

Letilda Wynne

Letilda recently graduated from studies at Weimar college in the USA. She enjoys sharing the message of a healthy lifestyle and is a qualified associated director of the Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program.




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